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Dear Parent or Guardian,

Thank you for your interest in having your child considered for admission to Woodstock School. The admission process is as follows:

  • Complete the application forms and submit the non-refundable application fee of US$150 or Rs 10,750. This fee can also be paid online. The link to the payment portal is here.

  • If you already have a child enrolled at Woodstock, or one has graduated in the recent past from Woodstock. Please do not create a separate profile for the new prospective student. We would encourage you to log in with your old account details. In case you don’t remember the log in details please connect with us at

  • Once we review the completed application materials, you will receive an email informing you whether or not the applicant will be invited for interview and testing.

  • o If the student is not invited for an interview, this will bring the admissions process to an end.
    o If the student is invited to the school for an interview and testing, we will arrange a time and date for a visit. At this time, a tour of the school and the residences will be given. For students residing outside of South East Asia, the test and the interview will be conducted via skype.

  • Once the admissions test and interview have been completed, the Admissions Committee will review the completed application and reach one of the following decisions:

  • o An offer of conditional acceptance
    o A letter declining admission
    o The addition of the applicant to a waiting pool. Applicants placed in the waiting pool will receive a final decision by the end of the Spring semester.

    The Woodstock academic year begins in early August, with a winter break from mid-December to last week of January. The school year ends in last week of May.
    Please note that an application will only be considered once all the items listed on the checklist below have been received.

    We look forward to learning more about your child.


    Marcus Shaw

    Student Information
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