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Application for Admission

Please read carefully and sign below.

I understand that the School allows no claim of priority due to the date of application or length of time of correspondence and makes no promise of admission until the applicant is formally offered a place in writing. I understand that all students are admitted as boarders.

I understand that Religious Education is a required part of the academic curriculum at Woodstock. This involves learning about Christianity and other world religions. I agree to my child’s participation in this. I also understand that all Woodstock students attend school assemblies and chapel services which reflect Woodstock’s Christian identity and that the values promoted are those of the Christian faith. I agree to my child’s attendance at such assemblies and chapel services.

I agree to comply with the regulations of the School including those relating to timely payment of fees, the charging of interest on unpaid bills and the assessment of fees for less than 90 days notice of a student’s withdrawal or for the late arrival or early departure of a student. The School requires 90 days written notice prior to the beginning of the next semester for the withdrawal of a student from the School. Written notice of withdrawal must be sent to who will then send a Withdrawal Form that must be completed. No other form of notice of withdrawal, written or verbal, shall be acceptable. If notice is not received, financial penalties from the time such written notice is received by the School shall apply.

Date: Nov 22, 2019
Date: Nov 22, 2019

Note: Where possible, we ask that both parents/legal guardians sign the form.